Fresh New Look

February 18, 2017

Fresh New Look

Our Gastown shop got a little makeover to kick off the new year! And with that comes some time for reflection...

Our Vancouver-based independent boutique, 'E:CLE' formerly known as 'EgoCloset' has gone through some exciting changes over the past year...

Our name:

E:CLE pronounced [EE•KUL] is derived from the word 'eclectic.'

|eclectic| adjective

1. deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. 

: carefully selected from local to global sources, not from any one place.

2. a philosophy

: not following any one system, drawing from multiple sources, unclassified and self defined, free to choose.

Our store:

Primed and painted— We added some colour to the walls and some more greenery. Our Vancouver shop looks fresher than ever and ready for the upcoming spring season. We also re-launched our online shop for accessible fashion 24/7.

Although we have a new name and fresh layer of paint, we still continue to offer quality brands carefully hand picked from all around the globe. Thoughtfully curated pieces for the eclectically minded. E:CLE seeks self defined styles as individual and versatile as the people who wear it. Not defined by any one idea, place, or label,  E:CLE brings fresh and minimal pieces together with experimental and trend-conscious style that will endure for many seasons to come! We understand style is something that built over time and is never fixed, E:CLE wants to grow with you through every phase and we’ll make sure at every phase you’ll look good. 

see you soon ;)





The height, bust, waist and hips measurements of the model wearing each piece, as well as the size the model is wearing, are given in the product details.

We encourage you to compare these numbers to your own measurements. To help you determine size equivalents for several countries, sizing charts for clothing and shoes are given below.

If you have questions about our measurement guidelines or need more information, please email us at