Featured Brand : Among Seoul

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From us to you : We want you guys to learn a little bit more about the brands we have carefully hand picked for our boutique. This is why we are starting a brand feature—to highlight and give you more details about the unique pieces we carry. While some brands you might already be familiar with, (some more internationally known and some more independent/niche) we want you to be aware of where the fashion is coming from. So to begin this feature we are focusing on Among Seoul! Continue reading to find out a little more..  
Featured Brand: Among Seoul
Established: 2014
Located: Seoul, Korea
A M O N G  S E O U L

Among is a well appreciated Korean brand, their brand philosophy is built within the stories of each garment. The creators of Among put meaning into every aspect of their clothing keeping in mind those who will wear their stories. The brand styles are simple and modern yet unique and individual. While Among is a sister company to Rocket X Lunch, Among proves to be a completely different vibe.


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