#EcleArtist Ellie Yeonhee Seo

#EcleArtist Ellie Yeonhee Seo

We at E:CLE want to highlight the amazing up-and-coming artists and their incredible talents. We are constantly inspired by the diverse work being released into the world, and we believe it deserves praise! We also like to get to know the artists a little more and so, ta-dah #EcleArtist Q+A feature is born!! For our second feature, is Seoul + Vancouver based illustrator Ellie Yeonhee Seo! 

#EcleArtist : Ellie Yeonhee Seo

Quirky and relatable — Ellie makes us laugh at ourselves. From the struggles of having an oily face (and repurposing it) to our multi-tasking ways, Ellie's commentary on the everyday in combination with her unique illustration style is the perfect blend. She might say she's a weirdo that tries to contain herself, but we embrace the weird! We know only good things are to come with this one!   

Insta: @yoni.illustration • Website: www.yeonheeseo.com

1. Who are you and where are you from?

Hi, I'm Yeonhee Seo from South Korea and I go by Ellie in Canada! 

2. How would you describe yourself as an artist, and your work?

I would describe myself as a normalized weirdo. I care what others think about me, so i try to be normal most of time, but try to keep myself staying weird and abnormal inside. I always desire to win sympathy from the viewers of my work, and make them relate themselves to the stories or messages in my works. Thus, my works mostly have one or more human figures stylized on my own, and they are doing something that amuses viewers or something viewers would sympathize with.

3. How has your practice change over time?

I haven't really had my own style until the end of the second year of my studies at Emily Carr University. Before I settled down to illustration, I explored with various medium like painting, drawing, mixed media collage, and 3d sculptures. Throughout the process, i have found myself loving to create images visually pleasing and illustrate certain situation and stories made by myself. 

4. What is your dream project?

• Collaborating with cosmetic brands and designing their packages with my illustration.

• Collaborating with clothing brand

• Finally launching my own brand selling a variety of illustrated/designed goods.

5. What and who are your inspirations? 

Visually stimulating space, fashion, furniture, and many other illustrations of other artists.

6. What is your daily routine? 

These days, i'm taking courses for web design/ web publishing, and graphic design all the weekdays. After the classes, I go to a coffee shop and review what I learned daily, try to prepare new design portfolio, and search for a job as a graphic designer as well. Then sometimes I hang out with friends. Other than that, I go home to have dinner with fam.

7. Favourite food/drink? 

All kinds of Korean food, Japanese curry, Katsu-don, pasta / matcha latte, Schofferhofer grapefruit beer.

[출처] 쉐퍼호퍼 그레이프후르츠 Schofferhofer Grapefruit 자몽 맛 맥주|작성자 조태영 강사grapefruit beer. 

8. What have you currently been playing on your headphones?

All the albums of Honne!! 

9. Anything else you'd like to mention?

I am open to commission so feel free to get in touch with me at yeonhee.illustration@gmail.com or visit my website: www.yeonheeseo.com

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